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Three New Yorkie Puppies Were Born on February 27!

My mini-yorkie female, Hermione, was bred starting on January 1. According to the timing of her last litter, her due date should have been March 3 (62 days) .

I made plans to take her to the home of a friend who was a dog breeder at one time so she could help me with the delivery of the pups. Just to be on the safe side, I drove to Tennessee with Hermione and Sirius on February 24, which was day 54.

I set up Miney's whelping box with a heating pad covered with towels, then we began the process of taking her temperature twice a day. We were looking for a drop in temperature from 101 degrees to around 99 degrees, which usually means the puppies will come within 24 hours.

On Tuesday, February 26, we took Miney to the vet to be x-rayed to see how many puppies there were. I thought there might be four or five, because Miney was so huge, but the x-ray showed three puppies. You can see their skulls circled in red in the photo.

Litle did I know that Miney had a surprise in store for us .

On Tuesday night, Miney started vomiting and I was very worried that she was getting sick, so gave her a little Pepto-Bismal. She seemed to get better and her temperature was normal, so I just thought her stomach was upset from the traveling and visit to the vet.

The next day Miney was lethargic and by late afternoon started shivering. But her temperature was still normal.

So we ate dinner, then started watching a movie, but kept an eye on Miney.

Around 8:30 PM, Miney climbed into her whelping box on her own and began showing signs of labor.

This is Hermione starting to deliver puppy number 1.
The first puppy was born a little after 9 PM.

He was a big, healthy male.

Puppy #2 was born around 10 PM and had a hard time.

She was very small and didn't start breathing right away.
The second puppy was a female and about half the size of Puppy #1. She was limp and struggled getting her first breath, so we rubbed her with a towel and tapped on her chest until she began breathing on her own.

But even after she started breathing on her own she was weak and didn't move as much as the first puppy. She was very feisty though, and made lots of squeaks.

Once we made sure she was breathing well on her own, we turned our attention to puppy #3, who began arriving about 10:45 PM. The third puppy was also a female and about half again as large as puppy #2. She had no trouble breathing or moving on her own.

While all this was going on, Sirius, the Dad, curled up on the back of the couch and tried to stay out of the way.
After all three puppies were born and cleaned up, the two larger puppies easily found their way to the food. But the smallest, weakest one (Puppy #2) couldn't seem to latch onto a nipple.

So we called the vet. By then it was around midnight, but the vet promptly called us back and walked us through checking the puppy for a sucking reflex (which she had, but it was weak) and attaching the puppy to a teat (by first getting her to suck on the tip of a little finger and then slowly transferring her mouth to one of Miney's nipples).

But the puppy was still weak and didn't seem to be nursing well, so we gave her a little bit of corn syrup, then spent the rest of the night getting up every hour or so and checking on her. It seemed to work well to put some syrup in her mouth, then when she started licking that, put her mouth right to the nipple. Then she would start nursing.
By the next morning, everyone was doing well. All three puppies were nursing and moving around the whelping box on their own. Miney seemed exhausted and glad the whole ordeal was over, but she was doing well too.

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