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The Yorkie Puppies' First Week

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The first couple of days after the puppies were born were uneventful. All they did was sleep and eat. But on the third day, they needed their tails docked and dewclaws removed, so we took the whelping box full of puppies and Miney to the vet.

Last time we had this done, we were living in Sedona, AZ, and the vet there seemed to take fifteen minutes with each puppy and it was agonizing to be sitting in the waiting room hearing them yelp while the vet was working on them. Then, when we got them home, they continued to cry for the rest of the day. So we weren't looking forward to going through the procedure again, but, in order to conform to breed standards, it had to be done.

One of the reasons Tim brought the dogs to Tennessee for the puppies to be born is that there is a wonderful small animal vet in Crossville named Anthony Warlick that we have grown to trust. Dr. Warlick saved Sirus' life when he nearly died of hypoglycemia as a puppy as a result of another vet's misdiagnosis.

So, the puppies went to Dr. Warlick when they were three days old. The picture on the left shows Tim and Miney anxiously waiting while Dr. Warlick removed the puppies' dewclaws and docked their tails.
But there was no need to worry.

The difference between Dr. Warlick and the vet we used in Sedona was like night and day. He only took about 30 seconds with each puppy.

The puppies hardly cried and went right back to sleep after their procedure.

And when we got them home they acted like nothing had happened to them. All of them went right to sleep.

Here is a photo of the puppies after they got home from the vet. You can see their new shortened tails.
And here is a photo of Tim, recovering from the ordeal by taking a nap with Sirius.

The puppies continued to do nothing but eat and sleep, with occasional moments of burrowing for food and squeaking when they got hungry.

Miney has always been an excellent mother, so she stayed close to the whelping box and came right away whenever a puppy made a peep.

We wormed her with Strongid the day after the puppies were born and supplemented her diet with a couple of scrambled eggs each day for extra protein.

The photos below show the size of the puppies when they were three days old and then how much they had filled out by the end of week 1.

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